A Muslim Woman in Austria

In January 2020, I will be moving to Vienna, Austria to film and direct 'Othered', a short documentary exploring the treatment and experiences of Muslim women in Austria. I have partnered with the Vienna International Short Film Festival who will potentially premiere the documentary in May 2020.

As national borders and identities become less defined due to globalization and immigration, we are witnessing a backlash by some who feel threatened by their waning control over that identity. This trend has been exacerbated in Europe over the last few years by the refugee crises in Africa and the Middle East. As these large populations of non-white people move into this predominantly white continent, multiple European countries are responding by implementing restrictive policies such as the ban on the wearing of hijabs by Muslim women in public spaces. 

Othered will center around the daily lives of 1 or 2 Muslim women in Austria to gain some personal insight into the broader dynamics of national identity and the politics of fear. I will also be interviewing government officials, social and political activists, as well as those who oppose the freedoms and rights of Muslims and especially Muslim women.

While I have received a small grant which covers living and accommodations, I need to raise funds for equipment, interview space rental, music, and other expenses directly related to filming. With your help, this film can reach a large audience and can shine a light on this important and timely subject.